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Chondroitin Sulfate & Collagen Business 
Mr. Ricardo Sun
Sales Manager
Email: ricardo.sun@meitek.com.cn
Tel.: +86 532 88136005 ext. 6506
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Micro-Encapsulation and FSMP Business

Ms. Takiri YUE
Sales Manager
Email: takiri.yue@meitek.com.cn
Tel.: +86 532 88136005 ext. 6801
Mobil: +86 15969868006



Chicken Type II Collagen
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Chicken Type II Collagen

Product description


Meitek Pure CII+TM chicken type II collagen is a hydrolyzed collagen(peptide) made from healthy chicken sternum cartilage through modern biological separation and extraction, it is rich in collagen and mucopolysaccharides, and can be used for adult oral skin care products to supply and maintain moisture and reduce aging symptoms, and used for the joint and bone health products to prevent and treat bone and joint diseases.


Main functions:

Help bone, joint and skin health

Joint wear prevention

Sports nutrition

Healthy aging

Skin beauty

Bone density increasing

weight management


Package: 15 KG paper bag with inner layer PE bag .

Synonyms: Chicken Type II collagen, Cartilage extract, Chicken cartilage type 2


Protein content: min. 60%, Mucopolysaccharide: min. 25%


Type II collagen: min. 60%

Chondroitin sulfate: min. 25%

Hyaluronic acid: min. 10%


Orders with lead time of 4 to 5 weeks before desired delivery date. Minimum order volume: (1) tons. For new customers, bag size samples are available for immediate dispatch

Return Policy:

Rejection and refund upon determination of defect, and proven product contamination or adulteration.


Call for details.


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